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White tea comes from Camellia Sinensis which is the same plant of green & black tea.



Difference between white, green & black tea:

• White tea comes from the buds and first leaves of the plant which are packed with polyphenols.
• White tea is the least processed type, so it contains the highest amounts of catechins specially EGCG which is the most active type of catechins.


White Tea Reduce Body Fat
White tea extract effectively inhibits adipogenesis and stimulates lipolysis-activity in human fat cells


A study was held in Germany testing the effect of White tea extract on human subcutaneous pre-adipocytes & adipocytes.

Published in Nutrition & Metabolism 2009, 6:20

Study Results:

• Blocked generation of new fat cells
• Break down of fat in existing fat cells
• Reduced fat accumulation during genesis of new fat cells After 1 week time period.

White Tea extract solution decreases triglyceride accumulation in human preadipocyte/adipocyte differentiation up to 70%


Effects of White Tea extract solution on triglyceride accumulation during preadipocyte/adipocyte differentiation


White Tea extract solution increases glycerol release in differentiated adipocytes


Determination of glycerol release in differentiated adipocytes after incubation with White Tea extract solution

Jörn Söhle, Anja Knott, Ursula Holtzmann, Ralf Siegner, Elke Grönniger, Andreas Schepky, Stefan Gallinat, Horst Wenck, Franz Stäb and Marc Winnefeld (2009). White Tea extract induces lipolytic activity and inhibits adipogenesis in human subcutaneous (pre)-adipocytes. Nutrition & Metabolism 2009, 6:20.



One sachet per day.

Valens White Tea Box price:

35 EGP


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