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Nopal powder is formed of Nopal (Prickly Pear) pads. The pads are transformed into powder by "freeze dry technique". By this way Nopal powder retains all its natural phytochemicals that helps to lose weight.


Nopal powder controls obesity by 4 main mechanisms:

1) Nopal is a fat burner, it increases fat metabolism
2) Nopal decreases fat & carbohydrates absorption from the GIT
3) Nopal decreases appetite & increases satiety sensation
4) Nopal diminishes cellulite & fluid retention.

Nopal Powder other health benefits:

  • nopaljuice02Nopal powder contains 18 Amino Acids, 9 vitamins & 11 minerals which all are very beneficial to the body and overall health.
  • Nopal powder is beneficial for diabetics and for those who suffer from hypertension & high cholesterol level.

There are no side effects or contraindications for Nopal powder

Nopal powder Box:

Contains 100gm which is ehough for about 10 days.

How to take Nopal powder:

  • Take 3 teaspoonfuls per day, before or with each meal.
  • You can add Nopal powder to what you prefer from food or beverages like yoghurt, salade, fruits,juice, water or others.


Nopal Powder Box price:

90 EGP


Available at:

elezaby-en 68 195400 64


To Purchase Online through the site:

(Free Delivery Charge)

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